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Uptime Report for my Customers

  • Hello Kaseyas,
    hello Kaseya-Experts.

    I'm searching and searching and searching ... since my last posts (http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/139/p/17326/82814.aspx#82814 from 2011 and http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/139/t/12088.aspx from spring 2013) there has changed simply NOTHING. Or i'm to stupid to find the relevant reports from Kaseya VSA?

    First we need NOT the legacy report, because that isn't report we can send to our customers. It is embedded in a frame and it isn't possible to print a nice looking PDF. Additional there is no option to select only the data that are relevant to the customer office-hours.

    Kaseyas do have any idea? We need really a reporting that faces out that our service produces a unbelievable uptime to their own it-infrastructre! In fact the must see an uptime-history not only a percentage of the uptime.  Who can help us? Kaseya?

  • Did you ever find anything here? Frustrating that the stock answer from support is to look on the forums, but you can rarely find answers to some of the most simplest of requests. You would think with the marketshare that Kaseya has, we could find useful info, unless we are really one of 23 people that really use Kaseya.  LOL   I've spent hours on youtube and the forum, but not able to find any shared reports, which you know are out there somewhere, surely. I agree that the legacy reports aren't pretty. Would be nice to have the code behind them so that we can recreate in the new report writer. Very little resources out there that really explain how to run reports. Good for programmers and developer-types, but not for the typical admins.