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Custom Fields DataSets from Beproductiv by Etienne Deneuve

  • Hi !

    As I'm bored about the new reporting module and the lack of the Custom Field, here is my custom dataset ;)

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <DataSetDefinition DateFilterColumn="" RegistrationId="90006" DataSetTypeId="0" name="Audit Custom Fields" Description="Audit Custom Fields" funcListId="16102" CategoryId="1" isDisabled="false" ContextName="MachineFilter">
            <Column RegistrationId="90006011" fullyQualifiedName="vm.machName" datatype="STRING" length="" caption="Machine Name" description="Name of the Machine" Grouping="General" allowAdvancedFiltering="true" hidden="false" weight="10" format="" />
            <Column RegistrationId="90006012" fullyQualifiedName="armfv.fieldValue" datatype="STRING" length="" caption="Custom Field Value" description="Value of the Custom Field" Grouping="General" allowAdvancedFiltering="true" hidden="false" weight="10" format="" />
            <Column RegistrationId="90006013" fullyQualifiedName="armf.fieldName" datatype="STRING" length="" caption="Custom Field Name" description="Custom Field Name" Grouping="General" allowAdvancedFiltering="true" hidden="false" weight="10" format="" />
            <Column RegistrationId="90006014" fullyQualifiedName="vm.groupName" datatype="STRING" length="" caption="Machine Group Name" description="Machine Group Name" Grouping="General" allowAdvancedFiltering="true" hidden="false" weight="10" format="" />
        <Query> from auditRsltManualFields as armf
        Inner join auditRsltManualFieldValues as armfv on armfv.fieldNameFK = armf.id
        Inner join vMachine as vm on vm.agentGuid = armfv.agentGuid
        Left JOIN ReportCenter.MachineFilterList mfl ON mfl.AgentGuid = armfv.agentGuid </Query>
        <Filter> WHERE mfl.ReportSessionId=@ReportSessionId</Filter>

    Save it in Kaseya\xml\Reporting\DataSetRegistration\1\Audit\vAuditCustomField.xml and run the registration ;)

    Take a look in the Audit Report Part and you will have the new Datasets

  • Etienne,

    Just confirming that you are aware of the custom fields dataset under Audit > Machine Summary.  The field names are Custom Field Value 00, 01, 02 etc which corresponds with the order of your custom fields in Audit.  It isn't the most elegant implementation today, but it does get the job done.  I hope to change the field names for the the Spring release so that they match.  

  • @chad,

    As I've told you we have to much custom fields to use the value0, value1 stuff. But crying after them or build my own Dataset a for it, my choose is done ;) and if I think I'm not alone to have trouble with it I share it :).
    For now we have more than 60 custom fields and I've redesign some script to avoid an heavy use... But I've some coworkers who aren't in Kaseya as I'm, so the name of the field are more clear.

    Of courses I know Kaseya team are working on it but if I cou
  • Etienne,

    My apologies, I did forget that we had discussed this already.  Thanks for the reminder.