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Creating a report to show list of agents with versions of Microsoft Office

  • I need to run a report on all our computers to see who has Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 so we can get an idea of how many more licenses we need. Anyone have a report like this? Or can anyone help me with creating one? I struggled with this the most during training and it's been a while, any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Kaseya Community has never let me down yet. Thanks guys!

    Found a template that was perfect for this. Sorry to waste time guys, Mods feel free to delete this.
    [edited by: Brian Skinner at 8:51 AM (GMT -7) on Oct 10, 2013]
  • Where did you find the template? I am looking to do the same thing.

  • Hi Brian,

    Could you share where you have found a script for this?