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Custom Report Parts: Time to share...

  • Hey guys,

    I know a bunch of you are creating custom report parts.  Do you have any that you're proud of and would like to share with your community friends here?


  • I have some ideas, but I'm not seeing how I can accomplish it without screwing around in SQL. Do we have a wiki setup for creating custom Report Parts? I'm not seeing it in my initial searches.

  • Got loads to share just not sure what format is best to share in, and they are all what you can do without making any modifications to the database or the VSA so I'm not sure if they are that great. Pity that there is no way to export and import the report templates.

    Should we prefix posts with "Custom Report Parts:" followed by a brief report descriptions for the title and then take screenshots of the configurations and example output?

    As I don't have a test network that I can run these reports on so expect some redaction names Smile

  • Here's a couple specific examples of report parts I'd like to have or create for the Security section:




    (All under ksubscribers.dbo.AVFeature)

    The "LastScan" report part shows a NULL value for all agents, but the columns above have good info that I would want in a report.

  • Well this fell flat. Anyone figure out a way to share report samples or is there another thread with the same? Curious what clients have been receptive to and what's working well. I frankensteined together one large single report from various templates that are in kaseya such as the monitoring summary, all MS licenses, Adobe licenses, machine count/OS summary, patch management summary. Clients seem to like it, but always looking for other creative reports and want to know what others are doig. I run this report along with the old legacy Executive Summary report, which I've yet to figure out how to recreate with the report writer. Would love to send a nice graphical first page for C-Level folks then the remaining pages are details such as what i posted above. I'm halfway there, but stuck.

  • Its hard to share the report by itself. However im kinda intrested in all the things you get a report of. Right now im using the following reports:

    • Antivirus software report
    • Diskspace report
    • Add / Remove Programs report

    I dont have much reports yet. I started last week with the reporting part of Kaseya. 

    And like the topicstarter, im wondering what reports do you use for your customers. I just need some ideas.