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Filtering result on a Custom Field

  • Hi,

    We create 2 custom Filed in Kaseya Database.

    Thist custom field store Date data in YYYY-MM-DD

    We create report Part in the Audit/Machine Summary section.

    And we want to filter the result of table with the "Date Filter Collumn" menu.

    But we have just "Bios Data" in this menu ? How we can declare our Custom field to be use in the "Date Filter Collumn" ?

    Thanks a lot.


  • Did you set the field type as date for the custom fields? may not be necceassary

  • Yes the 2 customs Field are with the date format selector.

  • Hi Sébastien,

    The Machine Summary data set defines all custom fields as strings and even though you may setup a custom field with a Date format it is not stored in our database as a Date data type.  The selection of Date as a "format" is only applicable to the way in which the field behaves in the User Interface when you are Editing the field (i.e. we present a Date picker control.  As such, you cannot define a custom field as a Date Filter, because it is not being returned to the reporting system as a Date it is being returned as a String.

    I hope this explains why you are not seeing your custom field, and unfortunately I can offer no other suggestion except to submit a feature request to have this functionality added to the product.


    Matt Warburton

    Kaseya Professional Services  

  • Thanks a lot for this explanation.