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How to report on website uptime?

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A client would like included in the monthly reports that we provide them with, a graph to show the uptime of their website over the previous month.

Obviously I can use the extenal ping, and have this write an enrty in log if it fails or succeeds every hour or so, or use wget or similar to download a file from the site and parse it, but is ther any way to show this in a graph or pie chart? The grpahical representation would need start at 100% and then be reduced should any downtime be encountered.

I can't see a way to achieve what they want, any suggestions?

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  • HI,

    You could use Monitoring - System Check and then Check the WebServer every N minutes,hours... and alarm on N fails...  then raise an alarm  and then report with the old executive reports and just use the Alarm Log and  give a score weight in that report...

  • Hi Sloeber70,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I am trying to create a graph or chart as a report part to include in existing reports we are giving them. Giving them an old style executive summary report just to show one field will confuse them with a load of additional data they don't require, and i'll get a load more questions!

    If there is any way to create this as a standalone/separate report part, that would be perfect.