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KAV Reporting Question?

  • A Report Part i created to show the Anti-Virus status using the kav.vthreats Report Part with 5 columns DetectedTime, Name, Path, Status, and Type. The 4th Column Status shows numbers rather than Deleted, Suspicious, Disinfected, ...etc. I have used the KAV module and determined what each number correlates to such as 4 = Deleted, 1 = Suspicious, 3 = Disinfected, ...etc but is there any way to change the numbers automatically in the reports to show the actual name or do i have to manually change each number to the associated name after making the report.

  • Did you ever get an answer on this?? running into the same issue.

    is there a key someplace for what the numbering even means?

    4= Deleted

    1= suspicious

    3= disinfected

    what about the rest??

    Thanks for the help in advance.

  • Not through Kaseya as far as I have seen, I would think you would have to dump this to Excel and replace or do a VLOOKUP to take care of it.

    I would bet that these numbers some from Kaspersky.