My first post "Report Parts - Custom Fields Missing?" I was understandably confused because;

  •  - Only 40 custom fields was visible
  •  - They had generic names and not the names given when I created them
  •  - The first 7 custom fields were blank

And after my ticket was looked at (thanks Chad)

The blank fields was caused by old deleted custom fields that stayed in the Kaseya database and a hotfix was created to fix it. I was asked to create a temporary custom field and delete it to clear up the existing ones which fixed the problem (Thanks).YesBig Smile

The 40 visible only custom fields is still a problem and I was told that it was done for a reason and that I can still report on all of the custom fields via the Legacy reports.

I did point out that this is something that they should really have disclosed say maybe put it in the help document or in the dataset information as it would save us time. So hopefully this post will help somebody else in the near future when they stumble on to this limitation.

Something that is starting to really annoy me is every time I find or hear about a limitation of the new reporting almost every time we get told that its not a problem because we can still use the Legacy reporting.

My response to this is;

No it still is a problem because we are unable to make a single file report at the moment without having to "manually" collate the new reports and the legacy reports. Kaseya is suppose to be an automation tool and is not suppose to make more work for us.

Also Kaseya didn't listened to us when we complained about the limitations of the now Legacy reporting as I can recall one of the key points was that we were unable to group different report elements in the same report. Sure we can now group different report elements but we still can't group most of the good legacy report elements in the same report.

So please next time when you have the urge to tell us that its is not a problem and that it can still be done via the legacy reporting, don't as we are fully aware of it...Super AngryNo

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