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Exclude KB Updates from Add/Remove Programs Report

  • Is it possible to create an Add/Remove Programs report that excludes KB Updates?  I can't seem to get it to work.

    I found this thread from over 2 years ago stating that advanced filtering does not work on the Add/Removes Programs report.


    Is this still not fixed?

  • Alas it does not.  If you can access the SQL database then you could query vAddRemoveList where you'll get what you're after.

  • The new Top 10 Add/Remove Programs report template includes parts that filter out the KBs.

    1. To get to this report template, go to Report Templates->Audit Folder-> Top 10 Add/Remove Programs

    2. Currently you need to create your own parts so that your report can show all programs, and to see the how to exclude the KBs by using Advance Filters, go to Report Parts-> Audit Folder -> Top 10 Add/Remove Programs. Take a look at the right pane.

    3. When creating/editing your parts, in the Filtering section, set Limit Type to –All- in the Row Filter section. In the Advance Filters section is where you add the KB filter., use step number 2 above as a guide.