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Monthly License Usage Report?

  • Is there a way in 6.2 or 6.3 to set up a report to get all licenses currently used based on organization or machine?

    Essentially my billing department needs a way to count the number of agents Kaseya, KAM, and KAV are currently used per customer. If at all possible, I'd like to see an option which has it broken down by machine also. If it was just by machine and could be output as an XLSX file with the orgs listed, we can manipulate it from there.

  • License By Group under System --> License Manager should give you most of what you are looking for ...

  • Thanks, but not really. It gives me a count of agents, but not KAV or KAM. The license manager also can't sort by group or org, it just lists both. It's also not something I can export or schedule. I have to copy and paste, then go in to the KAV/KAM sections for that info to manually put into the spreadsheet. I was hoping for a report so I could schedule it and not have to manually monkey with the numbers.

    Any other options?

  • Nothing? This is really unfortunate. How is it possible to true up billing if you can't easily list out the number of agents each organization is using? It would be nice to have a simple report with the number of server and workstation agents broken down by org.

  • Hi,

    We are in the process of developing a set of reporting updates that improve upon existing and add some new data sets and features to the product.  I will include this requirement for both the "Licenses by Org/MachineGroup" and "Licenses by Machine" data sets to this effort.  When the next update is released for Kaseya 6.3 please review the release notes for any improvements to the Info Center/Reporting module.


    Matt Warburton

    Kaseya Professional Services

  • My accounts payable folks will thank you.

  • I've some Query for you, if your aren't on SAAS and have a valid access to SQL Server... I've do a report using Reporting Server 2012 on our 2012 SQL Server. You can even store the report for 12 months and generate it automatic'. Set it and Forget it (this report go the account manager :D). I've one dynamic spreadsheet (XLSX) who query the DB and get the data in the table used by the licence Tab. (@Kaseya : Could you add the expiring date for KAV, KAM... in one Column in this table please ?)

  • Would you mind sharing those Queries with me. This is something I have been looking for and working on for a year. Not a SQL gureu...


  • yes, very intering.

    would you mind sharing those queries.



  • Hello,

    Any news of the report?

    In the latest version of kaseya, is it possible make the report of the license usage?