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Report Parts - Custom Fields Missing?

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I have looked at least 3 times today through every data set under Report Parts and I can't seem to find anything that is related to Custom Fields except for the "Audit > Machine Summary" data set.

Are Custom Fields also missing from report parts or am I just not looking hard enough? Sad

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  • HardKnox,

    If you go here you will get what you are looking for in the new reporting. 

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  • HardKnox,

    Where are your custom fields in the UI?  This will help me answer whether we can do what you are asking.


  • Agent Custom Fields are located under "Audit > View Individual Data > System Information" in the UI and in the legacy reports you can access them via "Audit > Aggregate Table"

  • HardKnox,

    If you go here you will get what you are looking for in the new reporting. 

  • Yeah I was expecting to see the names I gave them, the first 9 fields are empty and do not match the first 9 fields under Audit and I can only see 40 instead of the +200 custom fields I have which is why I was confused about where they are located.

    Would be interesting to know if anybody else can see more than 40 custom fields in the report parts.

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  • 200!!?  WOW! You are a super star custom field user!!!

    I have only had 1 other person, that  I have spoken to, with 50.  I am sure there are others out there with more.  I will continue to work with engineering to see what can be done here.


  • Not by choice, I'm hoping to do away with some of them with the new reporting if I can, however some I will have to continue using until I can find a better way to do what is required.

    Custom fields still has many advantages so I'm hoping to be able to access them soon to complete my audit report project.

  • HardK,

    What does your perfect Audit report look like?  I am curious and perhaps you can help me help you!

  • The Kaseya Legacy (Executive and Patch Summary) and MS Baseline Security Analyzer reporting would be a good starting point but to add to it I would create a report for individual machines and a report for the site;

    System Report

    Overall Status


    Machine Role

    Security Status

    • Antivirus Status (Product Name, Version, Active, Last Update date etc…)
    • AntiMalware Status (Product Name, Version, Active, Last Update date etc…)
    • Windows Administrative Vulnerabilities


    • Critical/Error Event Count
    • Top 5/10 Error Events
    • Kaseya Alerted Events

    Performance Monitoring Alerts

    • CPU, RAM, Disk and Network overall performance
    • Top 5/10 Performance Alerts

    Patch Status

    • Last Patch install date
    • Last Reboot/Reboot Pending
    • Number of Install, Pending and Missing Patches
    • Security Bulletin Patch List for Windows and MS Applications
    • Service Pack Level

    Disk Status

    • Free Space Percentage Bar Graph
    • Free Space (GB) Table
    • Disk Space usage growth since last month
    • Fragmentation Level
    • Chkdsk Status

    *Optional depending on Machine Type

    RAID Controller

    • Status


    • Status


    Site Report

    Overall Status

    Uptime and Online Status

    • Server Uptime
    • Machines that have not checked-in in the last 30days


    • Unprotected Machines (Antivirus, Antimalware etc…)
    • Pie Chart

    Patch Status

    • Pie Chart
    • Top 5/10 machines missing more the X patches

    Disk Space

    • Disk Usage Bar Graph
    • Critical and Low Disk Space Alerts


    • Successful, Failed and Total
    • Backup Alerts
    • Application Backups (SQL, Payroll etc via event log)


    • Mail Store Size
    • Top 5/10 Mailboxes


    (I'm sure I can think of more but that is it for now.)

  • lost all the formatting I used Sad

  • I'm the 50 (ex, because now we have more...) and more are coming, Can you simply ask the dev to change the request for the custom field to match the name as the sequence in the DB?

  • Let me see if anything can be done.  Thanks guys for your responses.


  • This is still a problem in 9.5.....almost 2018 and never addressed :(

  • I have a feature request in for this since 9.2

  • I still check to see if this has been fixed every time we update, and I too installed 9.5 and am disappointed that this has gone unaddressed.

  • We use 35 fields in our environment, and some fields hold multiple delimited values, so I suppose we could have quite a bit more than that. We've been stingy with the custom fields because of the 40 visible limit.

    The mapping of field IDs by name would be a huge benefit instead of the guessing game it is today.