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Need help creating a Time Report (Info Center driving me crazy)

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So my company just turned on the Service Desk module (still testing phase), and now I am tying to generate time/ticket reports to send to clients.

Info Center is driving me up a wall! I don't find it intuitive at all and have never been able to make anything very useful with it. But now I really need to make it work.

The tricky thing about the time report is that all time values need to be round to the next quarter hour.  Easy enough in SQL but how to get it into a report?

To give you an idea of what I am looking for here is the SQL query that gets all the info I want.  I was really excited about Name Value Parts until I found it only uses the first Column.

SELECT SDIncident.ref, sdincident.sdsummary, sdIncidentActivityHours.sdHoursWorked, CEILING(sdIncidentActivityHours.sdHoursWorked*4)/4 AS rounded, sdIncidentActivity.sdNote
FROM [ksubscribers].[kasadmin].[SDIncidentActivityHours]
INNER JOIN [ksubscribers].[kasadmin].[SDIncidentActivity]
ON sdIncidentActivityHours.sdIncidentActivityFK = sdIncidentActivity.id
INNER JOIN [ksubscribers].[kasadmin].[SDIncident]
ON sdIncident.id = SDIncidentActivity.sdIncidentFK
WHERE SDIncidentActivity.billable = 'Y'
ORDER BY sdincident.ref

If anyone could help me or point me in the right direction here... 

How to add the rounded time is the hard part... I can make a report without, but then some will have to manually do it... I am thinking about just using Database Views and Excel to do this... I just can't stand Info Center... it probably works great but there is very little direction in the Help section.

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  • We dont have the SD module installed so I cant check, but have you tried creating a new legacy report --> ticketing --> custom ticket report?