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Does anyone have any ideas on how to produce an easy report to show successes and failures for non-kaseya backups?

Our clients use a variety of products for their backups, and most of them (Acronis seems to be a particular problem) we are able to report on now.

We are getting some info from event logs, and where this does not seem that successful, are getting the agent to write an event to the agent log when certain events are recorded to the event log, and are reporting on this data instead.

The reports that we are running use a combination of event ids and descriptions to extract the information we require, as many of the products use the same or similar codes for reporting success or failures, and then it is down to filtering the description field to decide whether the job has been successful or not.

What we would now like to do is to be able to run a report once a day that pretty much has three columns - the machine ID, success and failure.

Some machines run more than one job, so this would have to be tackled after getting this report to run, if it is possible, but as most of our success and failure results are derived from the description field, the success and failure columns are both based on description, meaning that successes and failures are reported in both of these columns when running the report as there does not seem to be a way to add the same column twice into a report and get results from one filter to show in one description column and results from another filter to show up in another column.

Ideally, we would like icons such as a tick or a cross to show in a result column, but we realise that this is not possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • well, i'm using shadowprotect. i'm having shadowprotect fire an email to my connectwise every time a successful backup occurs, and everytime a backup fails.  connectwise workflows autoclose the successes for me.

    then i have a simple pivot table that shows me the number of successes and the number of failures per week, or per month.

    it's clunky, but it's all i got.

    i see that Brightguage has something a lot nicer looking for labtech/shadowprotect..  surely they can do the same for kaseya/shadowprotect www.brightgauge.com/labtech-software-custom-backup-reporting

    i have a demo scheduled with brightguage tomorrow and i'll ask them :-)

  • You can a) read the backup log file for whatever backup tool you use.

    or b) search eventlog for messages from your backup agent regarding success or failure of backup jobs.

  • We fire off a vendor generic "backup successful" or "backup failed" script (that just writes success or fail to the agent procedure log) each time we see a Shadow Protect, backup exec, ntbackup, etc entry in the event log.  We then put this as a count on the executive summary.

    Very basic I know, but better than nothing!

    Woudl really love some great shadow protect reports though!

  • I use the Symantec Backup Exec Function with a custom build report part.


  • Thanks Sander, that looks good. Unfortunately we are using the SaaS platform so have no access to the SQL dataparts or datasets.

  • Sorry JB you dont have so you can't use this report.

  • How do you use it for monitoring your backup?