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Creating Great looking reports to print off for customers

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My place of work just took over some clients from another company who had Kaseya installed on his machine. The client gave us some reports of all the PC's and servers on his network. 

The reports were on asset Inventory  and a lot of other things. But they all looked fantastic not just plain old black and white like I get when I do my reports.

I am wondering where or even if there is a way to change the colors of tables in reporting parts?  I would love to make a great looking report without having to exporting to excel and doing it manually. I want to make the report very pleasing to the eye.

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  • Still looking for some direction on this please.

    Thank you.

  • Under the Info Center there is a section for configuring the header / footers etc. Not sure if this is what you mean?

    Perhaps you could scan the report and post it. We can then tell you if its possible within Kaseya or if it was customised via an 3rd party application.

  •  I am looking for the option to design templates that spit out professional looking tables much like the legacy reports do.  I have found the Header foot and cover page customization.

    Is it possible to change the top cell in a column to a differnt color though any means? such as html coding or something.

    It basically looks like something I would design in excel  I left the documents at work but will take a picture and upload it tommorow.

    Is there any good 3rd part software that integrates with Kaseya

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Here are to images of the document, the first is a hardware inventory report that lists all the necessary data one would want to know. But I am wondering how they got the blue title row for that computers. along with the top table grey row above the data.

    The blue title bar represents the device  which is repeated through this report for each device

    The grey represents the category type of the data shown such categories being Computer information  Hardware information, motherboard, processors, etc...

    My question is more about the color scheme and the orientation of the data how it appears very pleasing to the eye instead of the plain black and white reports I generate. I was told they did this through Kaseya but I have had no luck in figuring out how to add colors and such to reports.

  • Sadly that is not a Kaseya report.

    That report belongs to an alternative RMM tool....Level Platforms.

    Examples here:



    We have been requesting reports from Kaseya simliar to these for the last 8 years. Whilst the most recent reporting engine from kaseya is an improvement.....it is a long way off delivering the likes of these examples.

  • now THOSE are reports I'd like to get my hands on...

  • Hey guys, we're always happy to help at brightgauge (www.brightgauge.com) for better looking client reports.  Some of you already know us and we continue to get better and better at producing some beautiful reports for customers.   Growing fast!

  • Brian! i want this report for Kaseya, not labtech!! Kaseya = good, Labtech = Bad!


  • We can do it.  We found someone to write query for us and I think we nailed it!  

    FYI - All our reports from Kaseya (and Labtech) are query based and so many MSPs just copy and paste their SQL queries to use our reporting engine and custom gauge builder to get the beautiful visuals they want.   We help people with queries as well if needed.  Either way, its all doable and easy to get done.

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  • can you show examples taken from kaseya data

  • you can also use sql reporting services to create your own custom reports (which is the approach i have ended up taiking)

    Other threads can help with locating the information you want to get, once youve done a few you start to get to know where everything is.