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replacement for Executive Summary report?

  • Has anyone formulated a good replacement for the Executive Summary report using the new report generation tools? I am asking because, while I can still generate my executive summary reports using legacy reports, it is have other issues (can't update logo in header, etc.) so I wanted to update it. Lemme know. Thanks!


  • Alex, there were a few things missing at the 6.3 launch allowing to generate some of the data in the Executive Summary.  We are currently working on getting those holes filled.  I am anticipating some updates in the coming weeks.  If you are attending the conference we will be also showing it there.  Thanks!

  • Hi Chad, we have gone to Service Desk and have sold the chief on reporting capabilities now. Can we now generate all the data from the Legacy Exec Summary?

    Brendan Fowler

    ITGlobal Networks

  • Brendan,  we are working to have many, not all, of the functionality available to you by the first or second week of June.  Look for some new reports coming your way soon.


  • June... ok... I'm cutting over clients to 6.3 starting this weekend, so june should be about right.

  • Hi,

    I was told that the existing report in 6.2 would be migrated and kept in 6.3.

    So if I understand all this : IT ISN'T ACTUALLY THRU !!


  • @rdk: yes, the existing report is in 6.3. It's under legacy reports, and works exactly as per 6.2.

    to all readers: I notice over the last few days the hotfixes appear to be adding lots of new reporting related bits - check your hotfix logs for "Adding core system name value parts", for example....looks like progress is being made.

  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the heads up, i am seeing the parts. :)


  • Sorry i don't :) (don't know how they are called)

    Did install the hotfixes ;)

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  • Craig, you are finding all of my secrets! :)

    Yes, we are working on building more of these out.  Over the next few weeks I hope to have many more new items in reports for you to use.

    Thanks for your patience,


  • Hi Sander,

    here are some screenshots

  • Hello Jeroen,

    I see you are using the Anti-Virus function. We don't use it so thats the reason why the parts not showing up :)

    For the logs part i don't see the new part options.

  • Found it. :)

  • Hi Chad,

    Has there been any more progress with this?

  • Ran into a few hiccups, but still pushing forward.  Don't expect the world, but we are working! :)