Kaseya Community

Wall Mounted NOC Dashboard that pulls from Kaseya, your PSA of choice and pretty much anything else you have

  • Our Dashboard is now a finished tool ready to be made available to other MSP's using Kaseya and whatever PSA you prefer.


    We've wrapped this into a product, named it Nuvison and are officially presenting it to the Community.


    We believe that it's important to present high level information from your PSA alongside or integrated with info from your RMM, so we'll build up the Views that are right for your Team.  Audible Alerts keep the Team informed to the things that need immediate attention. 


    It doesn't make sense for everyone to be out there banging there head against the NOC Wall, trying to figure out how to get some reasonable dashboards put together.  You bring the monitors, we provide the rest. 


    Take a look at www.nuvison.net.  We've got a better explanation of the product there, and a bunch of videos showing examples of the tool in action.

  • This is a fantastic dashboard!  My techs are loving it.  Being about to easily display live vital metrics has improved our service delivery.  This was a great investment.  Thanks Don & team!