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New Client Network Assessment

  • What reports are people using when preparing network assessment for prospective clients?

    Is there something I can do from network discovery from a single agent that would give me more than a basic inventory?

    Can I get any reporting from KNM?

    I am thinking I want something like:

    An Inventory list

    PCs missing patches,

    Hard Drive utilization

    Hard Drive fragmentation

    Computers with event log errors

    Computers with performance problem (high CPU or memory utilization)



  • I dont use kaseya for any of that. in order for kaseya to work properly it needs the agent. We use rapid fire tools. Check them out

  • Sounds like you need a complete assessment.  

    We provide all the tools necessary to get this asset information, as well as performance information on not only windows servers, but also VMware, Cisco UC, and the actual Network itself.  If you don't have performance data, it isn't really that helpful.  We offer an affordable SaaS plan called Health Check for solution partners.   You can read more about it (and do a free demo at you customer) by going here: www.myitassessment.com/partner-program

  • I use Sydi http://sydiproject.com/ quite a bit.  it's better for post project documentation than an assessment, but it can be helpful

  • +1 for SYDI.  Great tool.  Thanks for reminding me of it.   I haven't used it in a while.  Off to check to see what they've done since.

  • it's fantastic for spitting out tons and tons of info which allows me to bill 5 hours for documentation..

    oops, was that out loud?

  • @The Karl - thanks for the heads up on Sydi

  • these guys are going to be at #KaseyaUC... looks like it's worth having a conversation with them www.rapidfiretools.com/nd_nam.shtml