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Adobe Acrobat Standard and above License Keys

  • Is there a way for Kaseya to audit the license keys for Adobe Acrobat products. Currently the only thing showing under and Acrobat products is 1018 for the Key.



    Curtis Duck


  • We had a ticket open on this issue for the longest time.  We even went as far as setting up two machines for support to remote into, one with Acrobat 8 which audit could return a serial number and one with Acrobat 9.  They remoted into both units and shortly after closed the ticket never letting me know any resolution.  We are back to using Belarc to maintain Adobe serial numbers.  Free product versus Kaseya, and free product wins.

  • I also had a ticket for this. They don't support it and logged it as a feature request.

    Kaseya uses some other program that picks up this license info and that program they use doesnt support Acrobat.

  • I now show two copies of Acrobat in Software license Audit and there is one with just 1018 and one with the full Serial.


    Curtis DUck