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Want to create a System Inventory Report in 6.3

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I have a legacy report based on my modified view of the Agent-Status that has the following columns:

Machine ID Computer Name CPU Type RAM (MB) Operating System OS Version IP Address System Serial Number Current User Last Logged In User Last Checkin Time First Checkin Time Connection Gateway Domain/Workgroup

I would be happy to go ahead and use the legacy version of my report but I have been unable to personalize it with our logo in some time.  So, how do I create this report in the new version of Kaseya?  I beleive I understand how to create the report but I dont have all the fields available to me in any particular Report Part.

Has anyone figured out how to do something like this?

Thanks all.


Alexandria va.

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  • Since the font color is white on white for the column titles above, here is the list in text...

    Machine ID, Computer Name, CPU Type, RAM (MB), Operating System, OS Version, IP Address, System Serial Number, Current User, Last Logged In User, Last Checkin Time, First Checkin Time, Connection Gateway, Domain/Workgroup