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Has anyone succesfully created a report in 6.3 that includes the Asset Inventory Data Part?  If so, how did you use it?

I am trying to customize a network discovery report and include non-managed assets, and I can't seem to get that information to populate, regardless of how I filter, sort, or group the data.

Thanks in advance. 

- NA

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  • Nehemiah, 

    I just ran a report against the Discovery > Asset Inventory dataset and got exactly what I was assuming.   Here is a snippet.  Are you trying to do something different?

  • Chad,

    That's basically what I'm after.   How did you configure this report?  Any time I try reporting against that data set I just get "No Data Available" for all fields.

  • Nehemiah,

    I used this dataset and built a table report part. 

  • Thanks Chad, but that's not quite it.  I'm specifically looking for data from the Discovery module, not KMDM.

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  • I grabbed the wrong screenshot. The one you took is correct.

  • I have try this.. But zero result.. But i can see all my discovered devices. Can you point me to right direction?


  • Chad is right... I have been using this for a while, I just checked my report and that is where it comes from... might want to raise a ticket... or check your filters.