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Report part - Monitor set history as a graph or table

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Is there a plan to be able to define and create this type of report part?

So for a user defined period of data the historical detail can be produced e.g. CPU %, Disk usage etc. Rather than a snapshot you can see the trend. This is already in the console (albeit hard to use).

Would be good to be able to aggregate similar objects e.g. disk volumes, in a single graph or chart for the same machine. Maybe some sort of counter category.

A SQL view that aggregates the counter data for a date range (from mulitple tables) would also be great.

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  • This type of request has been brought up and is currently a shortcoming in the new reporting engine.  I will be defining this today and hope to have it available in the product in the next 6-8 weeks.  Feel free to reply to this post if you don't hear or see anything in that time frame.  

    Keep these questions coming.  Reporting is a VERY important focus for us and all feedback is considered.   Thanks TEAMnetwork!

  • Is a trending-line a part of the product too?

  • If you navigate to Reports and select  + New > Legacy Report and select Monitoring you will see some trending reports.  Is this sufficient?

  • Well i only see the Kaseya Sample monitor sets which trending is not enabled. My own sets does have trending enabled but can't select them.

    Main goal after all is to get that kind of report into a custom report. (legacy repost has to be a report part). The legacy report is a report on itself (at least what i see :)).

  • Sander, you are correct.  We are actively working on providing trending in the new reporting system.  No ETA at the moment, but planning is in the works.  Thank you for your patience.

  • No problem Chad. How longer you wait how better the wine. Planning to be a testpilot so maybe i can help you in future with some testing.

  • Good question, I would like to have the same.

    It's nice to know the current available diskspace/CPU/memory, but for reporting purposes i'ts always better to see the historical detail for (at least) 1 month.

    We do have a report from K6.2 which works well, but it would be nicer if we could make a report part for this, so we can have all our data in 1 report.

  • Walter,  

    Would you mind posting the report you are referring to in 6.2 here?  I am familiar with all 6.2 reports, but insuring that you and I are talking about the same things is always best.  Thanks!

  • I believe the desire is to see line graphs, generated by "Monitor Set" report types, like the one below.

  • Ben,

    You are right.


  • En this is exactly what i am seeing in my 6.2 report.

  • Thanks guys.  Just making sure we are all saying the same thing.  I am working on it.

  • Hello Chad, is this feature available already as a report part in 6.3?

  • Indeed....you asked for us to chase you in 6-8 weeks time! ;-)

  • All,

    I have an update for you.  

    I have spent the last 2 months discussing this report with the Kaseya team and unfortunately we are unable to support this in the new 6.3 reporting today.  I understand that this is a frustrating limitation for many of you. 

    2 items of good news:

    1. We do have plans to replace this report in the new reporting system.  The work required is time consuming, but it is in the plan.  
    2. There is a workaround today.  If you use the Report Sets menu, you can bundle the new reports with the legacy report.  This may get you close to what you are trying to accomplish. 
    Lastly, thank you for being vocal about your reporting needs here in the Community.  Every post I take very seriously even though I am unable to grant every request. 
    Keep it coming,
    Chad Gniffke
    Product Manager