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Event Log

  • Does anyone know where I can find the event log monitoring attributes with the new reporting module?

  • Hi Emiel

    I believe you can use the Report Part "Monitoring alarms from Alerts":

    Make sure you click the cogwheel icon to select the columns (attributes) to display and define filters if required:

    You may also experiment with report templates provided (see circled in blue in screenshot above)

    Hope it helps

    Amado, Kaseya Support

  • With this report I can only display event logs from alerts. Because I don't get any alerts when there is triggered a warning or error in the event log I can's select anything. Is there other way to just display  errors or warnings from the event log just like the old reports?

  • Hi Emiel,

    I will check with the PM and Devs about that report. In the meantime, can you use the Legacy Reports until we get you an answer?

    Thanks for your patience

    Amado, Kaseya Support

  • Any updates about this issue?

  • Emiel,

    This will need to be added to the system as a hot-fix.  I do not have an exact ETA, but hope to get it out in the next 2-4 weeks.  

  • Hi Chad,

    I too am waiting for the ability to do event log reporting. Has this made any progress?



  • I've just stumbled on this thread after looking to do this exact thing. Dare I ask if there has been any progress on this in the last month?



  • Marcf,

    The development team is working on this.  Again, I don't have an ETA, but it is in progress.  Thanks.

  • Hi Chad,

    Any progress?

    My report customisations are at a complete stop awaiting this feature.



  • Doth my eyes deceive me !!!

    It haseth appeared!