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Need Help With Reports 6.3

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I need a report that contains basically all of the information from the Service Desk - Ticket Report Part and a custom field called ChargeableTime (or any other custom field I've created would be good)

I am able to generate the report that contains the data I require using Legacy Reports but the format is not usable to me. From what I can see a new style report will give me the information in a table that I can easily use.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction to create a new report part, name value part or use a combination of them to somehow generate the report.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Good News Everyone!

    Custom Fields, for Reporting in Service Desk, have been hot-fixed out.  Let me know how it goes.

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  • Brad, can you share the report that you have now, so we can see the data, and then maybe share a mockup of what you are trying to do?  I can assist you.  If something is missing I can see about getting it added to the dataset.  Thanks.

  • Hi Chad,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Below are 3 screenshots.

    I'm not sure of the finer details of how the filters etc would be setup.

    I realise there is the built-in time tracking but we want that to run as well as the technician entering the time chargeable as a double check.

    This is the field our technician fills in as they work on the job. This is the custom field.

    Mockup of how the report would look.

     How I think the report part would look to make the report.


    Kind Regards


  • Don't have a solution to this but we have exactly the same need.

    Any solution to this would be much appreciated

  • It looks like we just need to add the custom fields to the dataset you mentioned and everything is good to go.  We have done this under Audit > Machine Summary dataset for the custom fields within Audit and just need to copy this.  Let me get a ticket put into the system for this feature request.  I will update this post on my progress.  


  • Thanks Chad that will be excellent.

  • Also looking forward to see what you come up with here.

    We need to create a report from Service Desk containing two custom fields (HoursWorked and WorkReport).

  • Have you made any progress with this, I've been trying to figure out a way to do the exact same thing and not had much luck.

  • A quick update. I have submitted a ticket to our development team and they are working on adding the Service Desk custom fields to the dataset. I will post here when the hot-fix is released. I do not anticipate any issues.

  • Hi Chad,

    Would you have a rough ETA on when we might see the hot-fix for this?

    Many Thanks


  • Brad,

    Let me see if I can get one. It had proven to be more complicated than expected.

  • Brad,

    The feature update is still with our development team.  Unfortunately integrating the custom fields for Service Desk is a more difficult task then doing it for Audit (which I referred to up top).  I am still tracking the ticket and hope to have an update soon.  Thanks.

  • Hi

    Any news about this?

  • Good News Everyone!

    Custom Fields, for Reporting in Service Desk, have been hot-fixed out.  Let me know how it goes.

  • Thank you Chad, this is going to make my life so much easier.

    A question related to this is why the HTML tag's is included. Is there any smart way to filter this out or is this something that you guys have to fix?

  • Johan,

    Glad this will be helpful.  

    Let me check on those HTML tags.  That is strange.