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Custom Reports

  • I'm sure this has been asked again and again but I cant find anything useful.

    Is there no way to build your own custom report??

    the reporting features are woeful if not pathetic!

    is the only way to use an SQL query externally?

  • I think 6.3 is getting better with Reporting, as for custom reports, I don't foresee anything as capable as SSRS in the future for Kaseya. I use SSRS for our reports, metric's, KPI's, and Dashboards and they're much nicer then the Kaseya reports (current server = 6.2). But when we started, we used the reports from info center, 'cause we didn't know to make pretty reports other then what we saw in info center.

    Maybe have Kaseya allow RDL files to be uploaded into the app, then you could share rdl files on-line (like a template) and you'd have custom reporting via Kasyea's info center. I'm sure we'd soon see a flurry of sweet reports in no time. I've seen something similar to this in Nagios