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  • Just thought I'd throw this out for comment.  What we're doing with one of our NOC monitors is pulling stuff out of all of our backend systems to try to put the most relevant "right now" numbers in front of the Techs.  This is not a simple setup, I'm using a Digital Sign player and application to drive the screen, using data that is being culled from Connectwise, Kaseya, What's Up, Sonicwall GMS and a Print Supervision tool. 

    The left hand zones of the screen are tickets from Connectwise, with various icons to show us the status such as Low, Med, High, In Progress, Scheduled, Under Observation, etc.  We also sort the Top 10 lists so we always know which companies have the most open tickets and then which individual users have the most open tickets. 

    By using the Digital Sign application, I've got a lot of flexibility with funtionality.  For instance, if a ticket gets opened in Connectwise that is marked Critical, an audible alarm sounds, and in the box next to the red "Help" button, I display the number of Critical tickets along with the actual Ticket Number so anyone can do a quick Ticket Search in CW and get right to that ticket.  Same thing if a Device goes offline in Whats Up or a Kaseya System Check goes off, there's an audible alarm (different than the Critical Ticket alarm) and that box then displays the number of alarms and the name of the machine that is alarmed.

    As well as the Audible side of things, I'm also adjusting the opacity of most of this stuff so it basically disappears if there's nothing to worry about.  For instance, if there are no machines with "Low Disk" alerts, that box and everything in it becomes invisible.  Our concept is a quick glance at the board and you know exactly what stuff you should be working on.  And since the thing is a Digital Sign, I actually have another zone at the bottom that is running an RSS feed scroller that shows us if one of our third party providers has any service issues to report.  Additionally, I have a "background" layer that is showing some "easy on the eyes" picture such as a nice landscape image or something, just so the guys see some variety up on the board throughout the day.

    This is one of our 60" monitors, so by laying it out this large, it's easy for everyone to see. Most of the screen updates once every 90 seconds or so, but some of the stuff like the Top 10 lists only updated periodically so as to minimize the big SQL queries. 

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  • Great Idea! Thanks for your inspiration!

  • This is really cool. We were recently looking to evaluate different dashboards and this looks really good. What software did you use for this? Is this something that was completely built in house or did you start with a certain software and expand out?

  • This one is at this point pretty much a total in-house custom job, but we are seriously trying to decide if it may be worthwhile to try to bundle it up and make it something any MSP could use.  The core of any dashboard is really the data-mining in the various databases, and I have pulled heavily from the General Purpose SQL Queries thread here to dig out some of the Kaseya stuff we're displaying.  

    However, my goal for this is to get that all too often promised "Single Pane of Glass" view for my technicians, so that's why I decided that I wanted to pull information from several different sources.  I have some VBScripts that I use to do the various queries, and in preparation for display on the dashboard, I drop the stuff out to CSV files, so there is the potential for this to be something that could then be a total Excel dashboard.  However, I really like the additional flexibility of using a robust Digital Sign application to present the information on the screen, that's the key to getting things to hide / unhide and getting the alarms to go off.  

    If there's any serious interest (I know I was ready to pony up for a dashboard to get what I wanted before I started working on this one) I'd be willing to begin to really see what it would take to bundle this up and make it available.  The difficult work is really done now, the easy part is putting different data points up on the display.  

    I also obviously don't think I've necessarily got the exact right information here, this is working for us pretty good so far, but I keep challenging my Techs to tell me what else they need up there, and I'd love to hear any suggestions from the group here as to what they think we're missing or what might make a technical team have just what they need in front of them.  



  • Just an update.  I believe I have this dashboard sorted out now so that it could be deployed to other folks.  I'd be interested in speaking in private with one or two folks who might be interested in taking a deeper look at what I've done to see if it would work for you.  The way I've structured it, you can pull data from any SQL, MySQL or Oracle database(s), in any combination.  We're currently compiling information from 5 different sources right now, including our RMM, our PSA and a couple other sources.  If you're interested, just drop me a line directly and I'll give you a bit more information.

    We have our dashboard now including an RSS feed from Microsoft that crawls across the bottom, and I'm about ready to expand onto my second screen.  We currently have 2 60' screens up on our NOC wall, and this is just what the guys need to keep the most critical "do it now" work in front of them.

  • Hello Don.

    That sounds great - i'm here! ;)

  • Impressive.

  • Kai

      Why don't you shoot me an email and we can discuss this further.  I'm at don@appliedintegration.net.



  • Hey Don, that looks awesome and we have been in dire need of a dashboard.

    Could i give it a try?

  • Just thought I'd toss an update here for those following this thread.  We're ready to begin rolling this out to the Community.  We've got a website up with a bunch of information about the product, www.nuvison.net,

  • Hey Don i took a look at the website and couldn't find anywhere to take a look at it. How do i give it a try?