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  • The body of your question didn't appear. Did you have a specific question about executive summary reports?

  • Hi Matt,

    I wasn’t in yesterday…..

    Problem that I’m encountering when creating executive summary report is the fact that images are no longer included.

    Everything was ok when we started using Kaseya, but now can’t get it right anymore. Also tried other browser but still



  • Are these images on old executive summary reports or newly generated reports? Where I would start is by right clicking on the broken image link and finding out the name of the image it is pointing to. For example "diskUtil97107222404846518296997.png" is one of the images showing up on my reports. I searched my kserver for that and came across my Kaseya\WebPages\images\chartImages folder and the destination picture was located in there. See if the images are physically on your server.

    It does seem for me that older report images are not retained on the server. For me the old data goes back about 60 days and the old images are cleaned up.

    I would open a support ticket either way just to get that ball rolling. Since it isn't a server down issue, and not something super critical getting as much info as possible gathered and then opening a ticket will expedite this matter.