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Report on when software was installed

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Hi All, 


Can anyone please assist?


Our client is running an investigation on when Microsoft Office was installed on their workstations within the organisation, can we create a report like this using Kaseya? Al info we need is Office version, date installed?


Any assistance will be appreciated


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  • You may be able to find an "InstallDate" registry key under




  • Hi Reinier

    You can run this query on the Kaseya database and copy the output to Excel

    SELECT *  FROM [ksubscribers].[dbo].[vLicenseInfo] where groupname like '%change to your machine group name%' and Publisher like 'Microsoft%'

    and Productname not like '%office visual web%' AND productName NOT LIKE '%Internet Explorer%' AND productName NOT LIKE 'KB%'

    and Productname not like 'Microsoft Office Outlook Connector' and Productname not like 'service pack%' and Productname not like 'GDR%'

    order by Machine_GroupID