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Executive Reports and Drive Scores

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Hi All,

Is there a way to filter which drives are shown on the report? Several of our clients have external backup drives that they like to fill up and it skews the reporting.



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  • Can we get some light on this issue? It has been three years since this was posted so I'm curious if someone has found a solution. Several of our clients use OEM Backup partitions that are the majority full as well and this looks bad on the report and requires explanation on our part.

  • Not sure how you could exclude partitions from the report, as they are included with the servers. You could filter some servers out with a view or remove Disk score from the report altogether.

  • Thanks Dan. I was hoping for more control over the audit procedure that gathers data for the ER Summary. So I could just, for example, ignore all 'Q' mapped drives/partitions from the report

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to get the Kaseya-created executive summary report for editing, so that I can work off of that template and try to tweak it to be more tailored for audit information we'd like to be present/absent?