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Antivirus reporting

  • hi all,


    I am working on a antivirus report with crystal reports because kaseya does not support this report (it only shows how much machines does have a antivirus installed).

    I like to see the following information in my report:

    - Groups

    - Machine name

    - Antivirus version number (up to date: Yes? or No?)

    I have just found the tables with the following information: groups, machine name, antivirus. 

    Does somebody know where to find the table with the information about the newest version of the antivirus ?



  • Kaseya supports database views which should give you what you want. Look under the system tab to set this up.

  • David,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I have just looked and i mis one thing, I can not find the new antivirus versions.

  • There are no database views for KAV or KAM.  Dwaine, the table you're looking for is kav.KasperskyFeature.  Specifically, the ClientVersion and KaseyaClientVersion columns.

  • Thank you bill for the table. Is it also possible to detect the clientversion of example: AVG, Microsoft essentials, etc?

  • view_security_products.txt

    In K6.2 there is another table with information about security related products.

    It's called 'auditRsltSecurityProducts'.

    Appearantly Kaseya has added a check in the audit system.

    I've attached a view that you can use in the agent procedures.

    Please mind that I don't know if the view is entirely accurate. Use it at your own risk.

  • Hi Sander is it possible that you explane how to use this?

    i am just a newbie with kaseya.

  • Procedure AV agent status update (K6.2).xml

    Hi Dwaine, no problem. If you want an easy overview of the antivirus status of your systems you can create some custom field that get filled by an agent procedure that uses the information from the view I supplied.



    You can use the attached agent procedure to fill the custom fields.

    Remember that you have to create the custom fields to get this working.

    The custom fields are:

    - Antivirus Product

    - Antivirus Definition Status

    - Antivirus Realtime Scan Status

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  • Hi Sanders

    I tried your procedure but it just writes "No AV Product" to Antivirus Product field? So theres probably problem with getting data into secProductName variable? Tried with machines with KAV and Eset products.

  • Hi Tomiju,

    Can you take a look in the view you just created and see if any information in displayed?

  • Hi Sander, sorry I'm not quite following. Im not familiar with SQL, where do I use this view?

  • You need to create the view in the Kaseya Database.

  • OK Got it. Thank you for the patience.

    I created view in SQL server and tested it with Exel and I get results. I also get results from the script now.

    Now new problem is that I get this data only from part of the machines?

  • Hello Sander,

    Your view has an error. You have to take machine with dbo.auditRsltSecurityProducts.locked = 0 meaning that product is present on the machine.

    Another point is a machine can have several AV products installed and the procedure can only update the system info field with the first product found on the view.

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  • Hi Guillaume,

    Thanks for the response. I just changed the View and everything look good now.

    I don't think that its problem to have several AV product because no one would install 2 Anti Virus products on the same machine, and if they did it would be an exception.