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Report on Installed Printers?

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Is there a way to report on installed printers in a machine group? We'd be keen to use it as a sales tool to upgrade clients printers, and because Audit can collect the information, we wanted to know if there was a way to produce a report from it.

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  • In the Info Centre create a new report and choose Audit >> Machine Summary and you can choose just printers on the report parameters tab.

  • Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately that report is not what we're after.

    The layout of that report is almost unusable. It groups the printers by machine ID which is great, but the machine ID's themselves are not grouped or even sorted in any meaningful way - they appear to be in random order.

    I'm wondering if there's a way to somehow group or sort them by machine group (ie. company name) so that we can better use the report.

  • I still have not found a solution to do this. Has anyone else found a solution?

  • See the script i posted in this forum