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Summary report for all scheduled procedures.

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Does anyone here know a way to schedule a report that would give me a summary of all of the scheduled procedures that are to run on machines. My reasoning behind this is that you have to goto each module to see what shedules are in place. Backup, AV everything has its independent schedule of items that are to be run throughout the week .


It would be nice to be able to view All the scheduled items from either a group standpoint or a view standpont.



VIEW - Workstations

  1. KES Schedules
  2. Backup Schedules
  3. Audit Schedules
  4. Etc. Etc



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  • Kevin, I'm not aware of any reports that could assist you with this. I'd think the closest thing to it would be the "Distribution"  under agent procedures.

    After that I'd say create a view using the view feature "With agent procedure select agent procedure scheduled not scheduled"

    REPORT REQUEST - - - Can we bump this to request? I don't see why you couldn't have a scheduled report for procedures waiting to run, scheduled, etc....