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Add/Remove Programs Report

  • Is it possible to create an Add/Remove Programs Report that does not show all the Security Updates?


  • Can you run the add remove programs report and add in a 'NOT *kb*' for the product title?

  • Just tried this and couldn't get it to work.  Does anyone know if the advanced filtering works with reports?

  • I wasted  a bunch of time on this one day. From what I can tell, the advanced filtering only applies if you select Applications, which of course shows every exe file on the agent and isn't very useful. They really need to add easy filtering capability for the Add/Remove list, unless I'm completely missing how to do it.

    I demo'd IT Control Suite a while back, and while I think Kaseya had them beat in most areas, they were definitely better on the reporting side. You could just go to the software summary page and start typing the word Adobe in the filter box, and it would immediately remove anything unrelated to Adobe.

  • I asked support and they said the advanced filtering doesn't work for the add/remove programs.  Maybe the 'applications' list but I can create a view for that.

  • Did they mention if this would ever be resolved?  K1 had the ability to sort.  It's something I've needed to use from time to time so it would be very handy.

  • A lot of software out there does a better job with this than Kaseya...I just keep hoping they'll fix it. What I need from time to time is a report for who has, say, Adobe products loaded on their machine. I can do this with the Applications report and some filtering, but for some reason "InDesign" shows up in several different sections of the report and I have to piece it back together manually to get the quantity. Something about registerd and non-registered applications?

    All I want is a report with Computer, Contact Name, version for the columns and a quantity total at the bottom. I used to use ClearApps Network Inventory Advisor for this. I think some people use Belarc Advisor but I don't know how good the reporting is on that.

  • Has anyone found a way around this? I want to run a Machine Summary Report and include Add/Remove Programs as part of the report, but I don't want all of the Security Updates to be in the Add/Remove List.

  • You can report on this information by running the Software -> Software Applications Changed report & use NOT *KB* in the Add/Remove List Item Filter. I hope this helps.

  • Thanks, but I was hoping to find a way to filter the Add/Remove Programs in the Machine Summary Report. It would be nice to have the Machine's Network Information, Add/Remove Programs, Printers, etc. listed under the machine (PC) so you could see what's installed on each PC.