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Office 2007 Report

  • I am having some trouble reporting on Office 2007. I created a new report. New > Report > Audit > Microsoft Office Add/Remove Programs. I was trying to edit this so that only office 2007 would show up. We have a couple clients that still use 2007 and need to upgrade. It is gives me an error when I run the report, or the results show as Microsoft Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies, rather than the actual version they are using. Anyone know how to edit this so that it will properly report which version of 2007 is being used?


  • Anyone?

  • All set! Support helped me out.

    Forgot to add the reason
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  • Cool, was going to say it was likely in the filters on the last page.  I tend to use the like filter to return results I'm after without being overly specific.