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2 Problems with Report Parts & Event Log Sets

  • I have 2 problems and wanted to see if there is a solution before I submit feature requests.

    I have dozens of Event Sets that I use for monitoring specific Event Logs on client machines (Located at Monitor --> Event Log Alerts). These are very useful for gathering information about Backup Success / Failure, Antivirus detection, Critical errors etc.

    Under legacy reporting I could generate a report that would match the Event Sets. However I can see no way of doing this easily under the new reporting engine. I am forced to re-create my entire event set under the Advanced Filtering section of each report part. 

    This is a very tiresome and laborious process and leads me to my second problem.

    There appears to be no way to 'Copy' a report part? This means that report parts that are almost identical but with only a minor change have to be painstakingly copied.

    Any ideas?

  • Copying/Save As report parts would really be handy and save loads of time.

    It would be nice if it was possible to use view filters under report parts as it would give us the flexibility to to create a single report for a site with parts filtering specific machines.

    Also I would like to have access to custom fields under all data sets as we potentially would store information in custom fields for any data set.