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SQL Query request

  • Does anyone who has upgraded to 6.1 know what the name of the Time Tracking module table(s) are? 

    I want do use our existing SQL Query for service desk to put real ours from Time Tracking against our Service desk incidents to give to customers ie:

    Select * from servicedesktable
    join on timetracking
    where timetracking incident = servicedeskincident 

    Then i will import all the results into Excel and filter based on customer, it will show the hours perfectly how WE dictate they happen, not how Kaseya counts hours worked on jobs.

    this is make our billing way more accurate until the Service desks time reporting is better, and reporting in general for that matter :)

    hope that makes sense :)



  • I'm also looking for the "Hours Worked" location in sql.

    On the ticketing, our VSA's have and are forced to add time entries for "Hours Worked" against the ticket. Where is that located in sql? I've already been over my views and tables and can't find it anywhere :(

  • there is a table kasadmin.sdIncidentActivityHours   but I don't think it shows the time from the service orders as I can't seem to be able to match it up to a ticket via ID or Ref column.