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How do i remove computers discovered using domain probe.

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Hi, so i made a mess. I used Domain Probe, and it discovered all of computers, sadly the Override machine group was set badly. So i removed the domain probe, still all discovered devices are  beeing listed when i try to make some operations like Agent Procedures (even though there are no agents on those machines, as automatic distribution on discovered devices was not enabled, and I checked personally some of them).

How can i purge this devices list?

So as you can see below domain probe is uninstalled and ORG has been detachted:

In Discovered devices the list is empty:

And for example in Agent Procedures (schedule/create) i have a lot of computers while only 180 agents are installed):

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    I would recommend creating a support ticket on this.

    Some of this data you may not be able to clean up via the interface.

    If you have any issues with the support ticket, just let me know via PM.

  • Did you solve this issue? Because having the same..

    happy wheels

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  • The Orange boxes are templates. Under the agent tab goto templates and then delete.
  • Thanks for the tip!  I actually was able to clean up like 850+ PCs in one shot