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Remove Discovery LAN Watch Probes

  • I recently discovered that changing LAN Watch probes in a network does not uninstall it from the previous selected probe machine and that it continues collecting data according to the Last scan date recorded.

    I also noticed that unlike Domain Watch you are unable to uninstall the LAN Watch probe from a machines via the VSA and there is no visible scheduled system procedure against the probe machine that can be cancelled.

    I'm currently trying to schedule a once off scan against these old probe machine and then deleting the schedule in the hopes that it will stop collecting data. Once the scan stop I intend to try and remove the LAN Watch probe files manually.

    I have looked for a KB Article on how to do this but I have not found any. Sad

  • Have you found something on this or heard something from support (maybe)?

  • They reported that they are releasing a hotfix for it but it has been delayed due to their patch system overhaul. Ticket is still open and I'm waiting on them to let me know once its been released so I can confirm the issue is resolved.

    Stuffed me around a lot too Sad

  • Hello HardKnox,

    Can you provide me with the ticket number so I may review what exactly is occurring?

    Thank you,


  • Hi Nicolas;

    Here is the ticket number CS178709.

    Thanks for looking into it.

  • I have had the same issues since Lan Watch was removed and Discovery pushed on us. I have had many tickets opened and currently I am waiting since September for a ticket to be resolved. The problem is very clear, there is no solution as they are re-writing discovery and we will have to continue to wait until the winter release, maybe?

    Discovery put probes on several groups and the snmp probing has caused problems with VoIP phone systems on those same networks. I removed the probes or so I thought only to find the problem still occurring.

    I need to kill the program that continues to scan these client networks with snmp traffic. Did you every find out what that program might be and where it lives on the probing local machines?



  • Can anyone tell whether it's possible to uninstall under 6.5?

    My guess is that uninstalling the Kaseya Agent, deleting the Program Files directory as well as the working directory, and reinstalling fresh would do it but that seems... not good.

    I'd love to have a way to uninstall other than the "scorched earth" approach :)

  • *reanimates the dead*

    Was there ever a resolution to this? I'm having a big cleanup in our Kaseya environment right now, and have a bunch of old probes still in various undead states. I'd like to remove them, but in many cases the organisation containing the probe is no longer there. It seems easy to orphan them, and leave no method of cleanup afterwards.

    Any solutions?

  • Nothing? Kaseya?

  • Hi Greig,

    Have you opened a support ticket for this? If so let me know your ticket number.

  • Hi Varun,

    No, I usually try to see if there's a community fix before bugging support, as I know how busy they can get. It's only cosmetic and I don't mind waiting to see if someone else had a fix if it meant one more priority ticket could get processed for someone.

    However, it seems there's nothing forthcoming on this issue, so I'll open one in due course.



  • Hi Greig,

    If you still see "Next Scan xxx" on that specific agent and the network has no scan schedule under the 'Scan Schedules' tab, most likely a network with this probe had a schedule running at one point and was deleted.

    If this is the case, I would recommend submitting a ticket as this can no longer be modified from the UI and requires the scan to be purged from the backend DB.

    Kind Regards,


  • They had to removed the scheduled scans from the database to resolve the issue.

  • Thanks Nicolas. Appreciated. :)