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Assets not recognizing computer agents

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I have deployed a few new environments using the discovery module and when I deploy an agent package to the target machine(s) it doesn't add a computer agent to the device status column. It just lists everything as assets. How can I tell discovered devices or the assets under Audit that it has a computer agent installed? I pushed the agent to them from the discovery tool, i figured it would be able to easily tell the difference once the agent was installed.

From the agent menu, all the agents appear and seem to function normally, but assets in audit and discovery can't seem to see that there are computer agents installed. I must be doing something wrong, or missing a step, any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hey Matt, did you ever get this solved? Same issue here.


  • I don't know if this is the same issue that I still see today, but I am unable to view the discovery module in Chrome. I have to switch to a different browser (IE) to view any data in the discovery module. I can view the page, but no data gets loaded.

    I believe that I submitted a ticket to Kaseya and they made an update patch for the VSA which I installed.