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SNMP Errors

  • I'm working with KND and am having issues getting SNMP to work on certain devices.

    I do have some that are working perfectyly fine - e.g. HP JetDirects using the default community name of public. KND will display ports and interfaces along with the bandwidth charts.

    On other devices, a SonicWall for example, I have enabled SNMP with a custom community string. I have enabled SNMP on interfaces as well. I then set the community name in KND. When I can the device, it does come back showing that it is SNMP enabled so I know the community name is working (SNMP will show disabled if it doesn't match) but I only see port data - no interfaces.

    I have connected to the SonicWall with another SNMP utility and I can see the bandwidth data I'm looking for.

    I've looked at the logs and get messages similar to this for the devices in question:

    2011-10-26 15:47:52,644 [4] DEBUG Kaseya.Collector.Monitoring.Polling.MrtgExecutor [(null)] - ===> MRTG Parse Error - MacAddress missing for: comunityname@192.168.1.x


    2011-10-26 15:47:52,737 [4] ERROR Kaseya.Collector.Transport.InMemoryInboundServiceBus [(null)] - Unable to send message Kaseya.Collector.Monitoring.Model.Messages.SNMPDetailDetected to webservice 'http://kaseya-server/MvcControllers/AgentListener/Message.rails' because The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

    Any guesses as to what the issue is?


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    I worked on this for a few hours and never made any progress with the SNMP enabled systems.  The only difference in my eyes between the JetDirects that were working and the other systems that weren't was that the JetDirects were SNMP enabled with a community string of public before the install of the KNC collector.  So, I uninstalled the collector, set the community string on my firewall and servers to public, then reinstalled the collector.  It works!

    Any thoughts on what's happening here and how I can get the collector to properly "collect" on new SNMP enabled devices without having to reinstall the collector and use the default community string?

    Like I mentioned, it does show the new SNMP devices as SNMP enabled with a green check, it just doesn't pull the SNMP info in so that it appears on the system tab.


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