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RE: Anyone using KND?

  • I kind of have to agree.   It pretty much falls into the category of useless beauty -- “neat”, but what do you do with it? 


    If you could even use it to install Kaseya agents, that would be a big help.   The normal Kaseya Views don’t work on it to select devices by type.  You can’t initiate any kind of remote access.  


    If you have a network with more than one subnet (like VPNs to branch offices) it doesn’t seem to handle that.  The graphing seems essentially useless; all variations on one hub with a lot of spokes.  If there’s a way to show a router with more than one interface – i.e., more than one subnet – I can’t find it.    The interface does seem to have “hidden panels” though.


    I’ll grant it does a pretty thorough job of discovering network devices on the local IPv4 subnet.  But it stops there.  And it doesn’t do MAC-layer broadcast discovery, so it can’t detect LAN devices if their IP is on other than the specified subnet.


    I wonder how soon they’ll release KND II.




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    I was just going to put up a post asking the same thing, I was excited to see it in the roadmap and excited to install it but for the life of me I cannot see what value it provides in its current state. Yes you get a load of devices but you cannot categorise them correctly because you cannot add categories and then even if you could all you can do is look at them. Yes the odd device shows you a graph here and there but thats about it.

    I fail to see the point of it and I think now (being a bah hum bug) that it was just a marketing stunt, the reality is that it is really just laying the foundations for other features coming down the line.

    Although would love to here if anybody else actually does use it and gets production value out of it.

    On another note is there anybody who does custom development that has probed the KND part of the DB, we are trying to present network devices found to our clients via our customer portal but for the life of us cannot make head nor tail of the KND tables and we know Kaseya DB quite well.



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  • I think most are in the same frame of mind.  I had a good go at trying to make it do something useful but its just too featureless to be of any use.  For example, it discovers machines quite nicely but I cant see any way of manually removing devices you know don't exist any more.  Gets really messy really quickly.  its not even very good at installing the kaseya agent from it.   I dont really even look at the module anymore.  Waiting for KND2.

    Would love to know about the DB structure tho.  I do lots of SQL queries on the DB.


  • Oh, and I found that it killed Symantec Backup Exec agents if the collector was installed on any machine with the BE agent.  This was a confirmed issue. 

    At that point I stepped away from the KND....

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