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Anyone using KND?

  • I use LAN Watch / View LAN quite often. I have seen posts that say that they suck, but for what they do, they seem to work. I use it to crawl the network and find out what is on the LAN. I even suggested that they use one of the MAC address lookup tools and they incorporated it a few months back. Nice!

    I have had issues with the schedule scan just stopping (wish they had a refresh button like they do on BU/DR to restart the replication service...)

    So, when they announced KND I was pretty excited. I had visions of old-school GFI Languard dancing in my head. I wanted to click on a device and find out everything about it that could be sniffed. Did it do it? Well, not so much. The presentation view for KND is using the same engine as KAV and KAM which I think totally misses the mark. Sorry, I really don't get that interface and have tried.

    NEVER have I gotten the Network Traffic Analysis working. That has the potential to be really useful (I think...) but the whirlygig just keeps on spinning when I get the screen up.

    Anyhow, I was just wondering if anybody even looks at this tab and if you do, do you find it useful?


  • Hi Randy

    I waited with baited breath for the release of KND and have felt hugely disappointed ever since.  Yes when it installs well you can get some nice information about some of the attached devices on a LAN.  However on one server it's installed but simply isn't working and to be honest I'm not that bothered.  

    I've not even considered installing it on a production server as I don't feel we would gain terribly much from it.  We're told there are bigger and greater things coming but I'll be slightly more reluctant to install before I've heard the views of others first.

    We've got two WAPs that I can see some data from under NTA but the thing that really sucks is that the only place I can see it is when I'm logged into the system, I'd love just a couple of reports or graphs I could take to and show potential customers.

  • I was just going to put up a post asking the same thing, I was excited to see it in the roadmap and excited to install it but for the life of me I cannot see what value it provides in its current state. Yes you get a load of devices but you cannot categorise them correctly because you cannot add categories and then even if you could all you can do is look at them. Yes the odd device shows you a graph here and there but thats about it.

    I fail to see the point of it and I think now (being a bah hum bug) that it was just a marketing stunt, the reality is that it is really just laying the foundations for other features coming down the line.

    Although would love to here if anybody else actually does use it and gets production value out of it.

    On another note is there anybody who does custom development that has probed the KND part of the DB, we are trying to present network devices found to our clients via our customer portal but for the life of us cannot make head nor tail of the KND tables and we know Kaseya DB quite well.



  • I am not a great fan of the new UI either, however KND does a good job as far as it goes. I find the traffic Analysis useful and once we can generate alerts & reports it will become a very useful addition. At the moment its to get an idea of what is happening and the other devices available on the network.

    The UI can become very confused and messy as there is no way to remove old devices, or to allocate devices to custom categories, like VoIP phone, you cant restrict the interfaces that are discovered on a device or remove unwanted interfaces etc. I suspect that part of the 'problem' is that there is a lot of overlap with the functionality proposed in the Enterprise Monitoring module, which will be a chargeable option unlike KND which is free. So I don't expect to see the alerting and reporting functions in a zero cost KND, when that functionality is going to be available in a chargeable module.