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Using KND to Install New Agents

  • Has anyone had any luck using Network Discovery to push agents to discovered machines?  We've had great luck in the past using LAN Watch but KND doesn't seem to have the same rate of success.  

  • I find the agents assigned to my role do not show and of the 10 agents i have tried to install with KND, 2 have worked,  one of the issues I had was local admin  permission problems seemed to not work as well as the network discovery

  • KND uses the same process under the covers as LANwatch for the remote install - psexec

    The most common causes for failure are invalid credentials or admin$ share not being enabled. The best way to test if there are any issues preventing remote execution using psexec: -

    1) download the tool to the collector machine from here - technet.microsoft.com/.../bb897553

    2) run a simple remote command such as "psexec \\targetpc -U user -P password ipconfig" (in this example you should get IP config of remote machine)