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Does ANYONE actually read the network discovery forum?

  • Seriously, there are a number of questions on this forum.  ALL but one read ZERO replies. 

    Whats the point?  Its a new module, there will be questions.  Shouldn't someone in a position of knowledge be checking this area.


  • I read it, occasionally.  I think the biggest problem here is that at the moment everyone that has it installed really knows nothign about it and can't really answer any questions.  I installed it and after the initial ooh's and aah's I've hardly looked at the product as I'm wondering what discernable advantages we can achieve as a company or pass on to our customers.  Not really helped by the fact that I can't so much as run a report on the data it's seeing.

    I do think it will become an invaluable part of the overall application but there's a lot more work to be done yet.

  • The problem might be that most folks (like me) use email updates to track forum activity, and by default we are not only not subscribed to new forums, we aren't even notified when they are created.  

    I didn't learn of the existence of this forum until I went looking.   NOT the way to run a user forum site, but I don't expect it to change.  We still can't even reply to posting by email, let alone create new threads.


  • Going into bat for Kaseya here.

    At our user group meeting they mentioned it is a work in progress and released it to get people familiar with the foundations.

    There will be reporting improvements mid year i am told across the board, and KND will be improved upon to map out customer networks a lot better.

    I used NMAP (part of what KND is built on) fairly extensively, which is why i am excited to see how Kaseya use it in the near future. There is nothing you can't find out using NMAP, i'd actually like to see if they could use KND as a security product, NMAP is ridiculously powerful and used by the white / black hat "hacking" communities, if KND built a customer network map and then analysed the devices for common security flaws, i could then pass that onto my customers and "wow" them with how good we are at security stuff....

    Off topic i know, but thats the direction i'd like to see it take

    I might head back to the forums now and see what i can answer :)

  • @Kenw : Look for posting replies via email...its a work in progress right now.