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  • Hi,

    I've installed KND.  It looks very swish and all.  But I can't get it do do anything.  I have installed a collector on a test machine, and this seemed to go without issue.  However it claims to not be SNMP enabled, so it does nothing. The device is SNMP enabled, and I know the community strings.  But I can't see what I need to do to enabled the SNMP, or tell Kaseya that it is enabled.

    Any ideas?

  • Rohop, I've only just installed KND but the machines I had that trouble with were not accepting the SNMP scans from the IP of my collectors.  I've now added the IP of my collector to an AD policy and I'm getting better/more results. I expect I'll be able to make similar changes to the non-windows domain devices as well. Also, did you set the community string on the collector inside of KND?


  • Yes I did add the SNMP in the collector.  But it didnt seem to make any difference.

  • We have the same issue, we have installed KND and SNMP on our machines, switches and routers, and the only thing that looks like is partially working is the router device.  Others show SNMP is disabled.  We have accept from any host... RO string public just for testing.. and no dice.

  • I feel a message to support coming on... will let you know how that gets on.

  • Sorry I should have mentioned that I have one in already.  I'll let you know what is discovered... no pun intended. LOL.

  • LOL!  Well i have one as well now... I'm not holding my breath as the first question was about DNS... not sure how dns relates to SNMP...

  • without trying to take anything away from progress - great to kaseya releasing new products etc etc.

    But with the current version of KND can you actually do anything with it and is there any value to us as MSP's - please tell me I have missed the big wow part.

    the scans pick up some very basic stuff but miss a lot of the SNMP features from what I can see

    All I can see that you can do is install an agent if it does not have one and other than that some basic bandwidth monitoring where it works which seems to be hit and miss.

    Oh and I know great things are coming down the line but as it stands is there any value?

  • I was a big advocate of open source monitoring solutions like Cacti.. (one of my favorties), and I guess I was hoping for nice graphs using the RRD tool etc.. All i'm looking for is nice graphs... anyone else feel the same way.  

  • FYI - K released a Hot fix last night, that has fixed my issues... I was right... the graphs are there now.... Apply those hot fixes nerds.

  • Support have updated me on my problem, and I quote "We have pass this through our specialist in this area to do some more investigation on this issue. "

    I think I broke it by trying to use it.

  • Its an issue where the collector is not reporting back to the K Server. Its with the developers.  Its to be expected with new features, that when its released into the wild odd things will happen.