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KND issues / feature requests

  • Hi Jeff,

    I am posting this here as some of these questions may have been answered so some of the folks here may be able to answer them.

    We have KND installed on our live box so just some questions on it.

    1. Will we be able to create our own Device types the list here is very short and we have devices that are kind of being stuck in types that don't fit

    2. How do I control when the collector is doing its scan - or can I?

    3. Back in june / july when I beta tested this before alerting was a feature on the cards yet there is none when are we likely to see alerting? device online / offline - new device detected - snmp monitoring etc. Is this part of the enterprise monitoring feature or just on the KND roadmap.

    4. i noticed that in the logs if you install the collector it does not show who installed it i.e member or system can this be added - we had a collector deployed to a tiny client of ours and I raised it with kaseya but we cannot trace who installed it, I thought it had something to do with lanwatch but appears not.

    5. If I go into a device and click system tab and then click on a port I get an IE error - graphs.o is null or not an object - I tried two different machines same issue (i can log this to support if needs be, is this just simply there is no data but not a friendly way to tell u or a bug.

    6. In the network map if I click on a group of machines so map says 10 Linux boxes - I double click them but nothing happens it just redraws the same map, should this not drill down to the 11 linus boxes?

    think thats it for the minute.



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  • Micheal,

    I have installed snmp service and snmp scan successful. It shows devices but when i click devices and snmp status is "snmp is disabled on this device. please enable and cofigure on this device"

    You can tell me what is missing here.