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Release KND

  • @Andrea - I wouldn't expect to see it in the Download Center for a while.  Kaseya is pushing a new thing where they want you to watch their training/launch webinar before installing any new modules.  On the one hand I can understand wanting to make sure a customer is informed before providing a product but on the other hand they could provide documentation or release notes to make up for that ;)

    @lenski - I'm interested in this as well.  I'm ok with installing a Collector on a client PC (vs server) but I want to be able to edit Device Types.  Also classification has been good, but not fantastic.

  • Funny how my initial feature request got rubbished when I asked for the ability to do direct connection to devices and now its an actual road map feature of Network Discovery and Live connect.

    Maybe it was because I mentioned Kaseya's Canadian cousin already had that feature back in 2009 ;)