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Discovered Devices - Grid View Empty

  • I have ran through the Lan Watch by Network probe, configured credentials and ran the scan, however the Discovered Devices is alwasy empty.  I have also brought up the summary view and all are 0.  Devices found: 0, Devices Classfied: 0, Unmanaged Computers: 0.  However if I click on "View Scan Results" I get an NMAP scan report with a list of ip's I then click on Deploy Agents and get the following:  

      • This dialog will deploy agents to all eligible devices depending on license count.

      • To deploy agents to specific devices, navigate to the Discovered Devices - Grid View.

    • Eligible Device(s): Device(s)

  • There is a workaround for viewing the discovered items on Grid view.

    * When on Lan watch by Network tab, click the reset button and refresh

    * Go to Grid view and click reset and refresh the page

    * You will be able to select the groups from the tab now.

    This is a bug and the workaround I've found.

  • I renamed some devices in discovery, not showing up in KNM and / or shown with incorrect OS.

    ( device type vmware but os cannon imagerunner )

    Is there a way to force ?

    scan by network ( deep scan ) taking hours to finish  !!


  • Hi  

    Device Types / OS Type can be easily changed from the KNM interface.

    Select the Device > Select edit from the command panel, then change the OS Type:

    Kind Regards,