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Custom Device Type

  • Is it possible to create custom device types, or modify existing ones?  I dont want to generically categorize certain devices (IP KVMs, IP PDUs, iLo/iDRAC, etc) and under Virtual Server there are options for Microsoft, VMWare and Oracle but no Citrix?

  • I sent this in as a FR during the beta cycle, but am not sure if it ever made it through.

  • We need the same function.  We have clients who have ip based phones while they show up in the discovery, it would be nice to be able to name them.

  • We are adding that into the next version.  We have an Obscure way to do it...

    On the left side where you see the device types, right click.  You'll see a partially hidden dialog for "new".  Enter what you want, and then click enter

    The big problem is that we don't have the automatic assignments for it.

  • Never mind...looks like we removed the working portion of that.

  • :( tease

  • it is now 2018 this is 8 years since this post. this option has still not made it into the current release of version 9.5.

    This Device type is complete rubbish. you cannot chose anything other than the options provided. however during discovery for some printers  it will set it as type printer. there is not an option for printer in the options. there is printer-other or printer-copier etc and the result is if you select printer-other it justs becomes type Other. and if you set it as Computer-Other it just becomes type Other. this is completely useless and needs to be fixed.