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Release KND

  • I saw in the Roadmap that KND was released yesterday. But at the download center there wan't any new update for Kaseya. Then how do we get the new module?

  • Hello,

    KND has not been released. It's just an announcement. KND will be released this month.

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  • The announcement stated release was yesterday (December 15).  It was wrong about the training seminar as well (Dec 14).

  • Yeah, the announcement stated: general availability 15 December...

  • The announcement also said "Web Casts and Training: December 14, 2011 thru Q1 2011".  And here's me with my time machine in the shop.

  • Ok thanks for the tip, ill give it a try

  • They mentioned that they got the announcement and release dates mixed up by accident.

  • The support guys just told me they have a release date of 20th of December. So we'll have to wait a couple more days then.

  • Here is a clarification. The previous post saying the links are available from support was incorrect. Sorry for the confusion.

    The download link will be provided in a webinar scheduled for today (Friday 17th December).

    You can register for the webinar at the following link and a replay should be available if you miss the live session.


    Kaseya Support

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  • download.kaseya.com/.../KNDInstall.exe

  • That is the proper link for KND, however we highly recommend listening to the webinar before deploying.  There are some key considerations that you'll hear about straight from our Product Management team regarding Network Discovery.  The link to today's webinar should be posted shortly in the Resources > Media Gallery section.

  • Brendan, I want follow the webinar, but I've not the Time Machine!

    The webinar was Friday 17th ...

    I've searched in Media Gallery (Community's Resource Area) without success.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Sorry for the delay we use Webex for the webinars, and we have to wait for webex to "produce" the webinar before we get a link to view it.

    Here is the link:  community.kaseya.com/.../52931.aspx

  • Im interested to know where I get more information on customising the config files so I can customise the ranges I want to scan and exclude. I have additional networks I want to scan that do not have servers in them. The presentation said it was going to cover this but it was either cut out or forgotten.

  • Brendan, thanks for info.

    Another thing (a curiosity...): why the KND isn't in Kaseya Download Center (www.kaseya.com/.../Downloads.aspx)?