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VSA installer for Kaseya

  • Hi

    Where can I get a copy of the installer for Kaseya 6.2?

    We need to re-install Kaseya as we're moving hardware.  At the moment, we want to stay on version 6.2 as I'm actually building a failover machine first.  Once this is tested and set up, we will upgrade both machines to the latest that is available for us.

    Thank you


    Kaseya V6.2 installers will be difficult to find, I would recommend you get a support ticket in.

    For those of us that were around for 6.2, will remember there was no kinstall install wizard- each module installed had a separate installer, separate run of reapply schema, etc.

    Here is an example of an early download link to Kaseya V6.2 (core): 


    Keep in mind, I am unaware of the exact version you are on and the add-on modules being utilized, therefore, I would recommend creating a support ticket for them to guide you on what steps to perform and what installers you will need exactly.

    Additionally, you may want to build that new server on 6.3 or upgrade it to 6.3 prior to changing your production system so you can be aware of what to expect.

    There were quite a bit of changes from Kaseya V6.2 > Kaseya V6.3.



  • Thank you Nicolas,  I will do so and see how I go.  Regarding our exact version: On the system tab it reports Version Number at the top of the screen, and KServer Version (at bottom of screen) of  That installer link works, and it looks like it is so might be exactly what we need for the immediate term.  6.3 sounds like a good idea I will see what I can do.

  • I have the 6.2 installers for KES 2.3, KBU 4.0, KND 1.0, KPM 1.0 & SD 1.3, if you need them. craig at mytechsolutions dot com dot au

  • I also have the 6.2 6101 patch, which if i recall correctly, was a critical thing for any 6.2 installation to have.